Melanin and skin color: how does it work?

Melanin and skin color: how does it work?

All the secrets to tan in safety

Summer is approaching and many of us are looking forward to tanning, others already fear the first burns. The sun can be a precious ally or not, much depends on the amount of melanin that your skin is able to produce: in this article we will discover together all the secrets for a safe and homogeneous tan.

There melanin It is a set of dark pigments that protect the skin from the harmful effects of the solar ultraviolet radiation. In some subjects it is present in a natural way in low quantities while in others in higher quantities, depending on genetic factors and the exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The amount of melanin present determines the more or less dark coloring of the peak. 

It protects the core of the skin cells preventing scalds or solar erythema, caused by a sun exposure without adequate protection.

There melanin It takes on average 72 hours to produce in the body, so if we expose ourselves to the sun without having used previously Melanina activators, within 72 hours of the exhibition, we risk burning and causing Erythe me on the skin As the sun acts directly on the nucleus of the cell, inflaming it.
A wrong exhibition in the sun is the first cause of scalds and erythema, which can cause permanent damage to the skin. The sun also leads to the premature onset of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. Without considering that the scientific community has underlined the high risk of causing skin tumors for years.

But be careful, ILSOLEAPPORTA also multiple benefits to the body:
It is good for the skin in case of particular disorders, it stimulates the production of vitamin D, fundamental for the absorption of calcium, acts on the mood, and makes everyone more beautiful if managed with common sense!

Some simple rules to enjoy the benefits of the sun:

🔥 Do not expose yourself in the hottest hours
🥵 expose themselves gradually
😎 Use sunglasses
🧴 Use the most appropriate products to the phototype of your skin

How can I produce more melanin?

If we said that Melanin is our natural tanning activator, then we can say that the Melanina activators they are products that can stimulate their production, preparing our skin ad A homogeneous and above all safe and protected tan.

Are recommended according to different needs:

- Very clear and delicate skin that struggle to tan: The use of melanin activators is suggested at least a month and a half before the sun exposure to stimulate the production of melanin in sufficient quantities to protect the skin from the first exposures to the sun. Remember: activators must always be associated with sunscreen with SPF factor adequate to SANCE PELLE.

- For lovers of intense tan: To obtain even more tanned skin and enhance its intense color.

- For those who want elastic and always young skin: The best melanin activators have a visible anti-aging effect that protects and maintains the skin stretched out, enhancing it with a safe tan. In fact, we know that among the damage of the sun there is the aging of the skin.

What results do I get using melanin activators?

You are better tanned, in a uniform and homogeneous way, protect the skin, avoid erythema and burns and keep the tan longer. In addition, Melanin activators also act on skin aging, preventing their negative effects.

Melanin plus

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