Monoi oil: what it is and what it is for

Monoi oil:
What is and what it is for

Discovering a secret of millennial beauty

Tradition is the best guarantee of quality and Monoi oil can boast 2000 years of use, today it has become one of the most valuable and refined ingredients in the cosmetic world, especially in the field of solar products.
Let's discover its history and its fantastic properties for the skin and hair together.

In cosmetics there are numerous perfumed products for the body based on dry oil of Monoi. With a soft texture and exotic and intoxicating perfume they make the skin extremely silky and hydrated, they do not add and absorb very quickly.

The Polynesian Monoi is a precious oily extract of the local tradition obtained from the maceration of fresh tiaré flowers in coconut oil. Monoi oil It is regularly used by the Polynesian population for body and hair care to protect, soften and hydrate the skin, nourish and polish the hair.

Monoi oil It is totally devoid of toxic substances and is the most used plant in the traditional Polynesian pharmacopoeia, both as a beauty product and for its significant medicious powers. Monoi was also used by Maori navigators during maritime shipments, such as protection from cold, strong winds and the salt of the sea. 

Dry oil even during sun exposure?

Tahiti Monoi oil it is often used also within Solar products in dry oil, such as tanning and after -school which are able to bring numerous body and hair benefits.

Used first, during and after exposure to the sun, the solar body based on Tahiti Monoi oil hydrate the skin, making it silky and shiny, accentuating the tan without greasing And without leaving any feeling of sticky skin.

Thanks to their powerful moisturizing, softening, velvety and protective properties and their fragrance, Solar products in dry oil nourish the skin, intensify tanning and prevent aging of the skin, caused by a prolonged and not adequately protected sun exposure.

Where can I use the Monoi dry oil in Tahiti?

Hair: Monoi oil -based products can be applied on hair to protect them during sun exposure and chlorine and salt: wet or dry, a few drops applied to lengths are enough. As a nourishing and restructuring compress before the shampoo, to make them bright, silky and easy to comb. Particularly suitable for colorful hair.

Bath: A few drops in water give an irresistible exotic feeling and release an intense paradisiacal fragrance.

Face: The strong emollient power of the solar oil in dry oil is able to soften the chapped and wrinkled skin, tanning it and making it younger and relaxed.

Hands: Even a compress on hands and feet will make the skin softer and more velvety. We also recommend use on elbows and heels, to soften and nourish the skin of those areas, physiologically dry and chapped. 

You have already tried i solar products in dry oil Based on MTJ tahiti monoi?

Discover the whole line and enjoy your beauty summer! 

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