Cotton Bag Sunsystem

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100% Cotton

Buy three Solari Napura and receive the new Cotton Bag Sunsystem: 100% cotton ecological gadget, for a happier planet.

Constantly and elegant, it is the best travel companion you can imagine! 

For you also a bottle of Fresh Mind: refreshing and rimineralizing water with Aloe and Calendula.

N.B. For those who want to buy only the Cotton Bag, the Fresh Mind is not included

Active principles


The exclusive packaging of our products is functional and personalized in detail, a real pleasure for sight and touch, for an engaging and experiential approach.

Sophisticated and modern design solutions, specifically designed to preserve pure active ingredients over time.

Differentiates correctly

If we want to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, we must all have attentive and responsible behavior and correctly recycle any type of material in the appropriate containers, according to the provisions of one's municipality.

And now relax

Napura thinks about your hair

For your inner and external well -being, Napura helps you to overcome the inconvenience and embarrassment linked to the most frequent skin imperfections of scalp and hair, thanks to the innovative program of TreatSystemethod treatments: dandruff, occasional fall, slow growth, thin hair, oily and intoxicated scalp.

And you will come back to smile and feel good.

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