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Ammonia-Free Bleaching Powder Ultrarapid Lightening


Dolcershless powder without ammonia that allows you to perform the lightening techniques of the locks and the bleeding of the hair obtaining up to seven tones of lightening without attacking the keratin structure. The presence of cycloodesters facilitates the transport of the bleaching substances, thus allowing a better removal of the melanin located inside the hair. The pleasant perfumed note and the absence of ammonia make the work environment pleasant and limit the alterations of the capillary fiber.

Procosmet Italy takes great care to keep the list of ingredients up-to-date; however, it cannot guarantee that it corresponds precisely to the current composition of the product for which it recommends consulting the label.INGREDIENTS: POTASSIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM SILICATE, PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM, CYAMOPSIS TETRAGONOLOBUS GUM, SILICA, SODIUM PERSULFATE, SODIUM METASILICATE, HYDRATED SILICA, MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, CYCLODEXTRIN, , PARFUM, POLYQUATERNIUM-10, TETRASODIUM EDTA, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, POLYQUATERNIUM-67

Mix the bleaching powder 1 to 2 parts with Oxygen - Oxygenated Water, choosing volumes according to the desired service. Add Oxygen - Oxygenated Water a little at a time, mixing well between additions to prevent clumping. Apply evenly to the hair. Refer to the table for setting times. Rinse with lukewarm water until the water itself becomes clear. Wash hair and dry as usual. Do not use to bleach eyelashes and eyebrows.DILUTION RATIOEMETHOD OF USEORAPPORTVOLUMES H2O2TONS OF SHARESHAPEEMPLES OF POSASTAGNOLA1+220 VOL (6%)30 VOL (9%)40 VOL (12%)35720/25 minutes30/35 minutes/45 minutes FREEARIA1+1.520 VOL (6%)30 VOL (9%)40 VOL (12%)24620/25 minutes30/35 minutes/45 minutes

Active principles

They belong to the plant-derived sugar family and have a moisturizing and protective action on keratin in bleaching.





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If we want to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, we must all have attentive and responsible behavior and correctly recycle any type of material in the appropriate containers, according to the provisions of one's municipality.

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