Hydrolyzed keratin

Scientific name: 

Moisturizing, smoothing.

Tales from nature

Keratin is a protein of animal origin present in the hair and nails, in the mane of animals, within the structure of the hooves and feathers of the birds. It can be compromised by external or interior factors related to hormones.

Hydrolysed keratin is mainly used in cosmetics as an ingredient within specific products for hair and is extracted from the sheep wool. Thanks to the deep absorption in the capillary fiber, it is able to regenerate the flashed, spoiled or stressed hair.


The hydrolyzed keratin is used to smooth and hydrate the cuticle of damaged hair, making them shiny, elastic, full -bodied and healthy. Eliminates the frizz effect caused by drying, reducing electrostatic hair charges and giving volume and lightness.

Principi attivi

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