Licorice extract

Classification: Vegetable extract

Stimulates hair growth.

Tales from nature

Licorice is a perennial Mediterranean plant, frost -resistant, with ancient beneficial virtues. It grows mainly in southern Europe. Belongs to the legume family. It has been known since ancient Egypt, widely used in India, China, in the Greek-Roman world. Only in the fifteenth century was it introduced by the Dominicans in Europe.

The licorice word means "sweet root" as it contains a very sweet substance. The roots are usually used, after a drying phase. Inside there are numerous active ingredients, including specific glycirectic acid for arid and dry skin.


It stimulates hair growth, helping them grow stronger and more thick and reducing their occasional fall. It has soothing, antibacterial, refreshing and emollient properties for the dry scalp, reducing irritations such as crusts and dandruff.

Principi attivi

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