Nymphaea Alba root extract

Scientific name: Nymphaea alba root extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Nourishing and revitalizing.

Tales from nature

The water lilies are perennial aquatic plants, belonging to the nympaceous family. In Egypt and in tropical America they were considered sacred and mysterious plants, able to escape in the presence of the sun and close to the approach of thunderstorms or darkness. Since ancient times they have been known for their anaphrodisiac properties, which have given them the name of "destructors of pleasure", having flowers and roots a calming power over sexual activity.

They also have sedative, anti -inflammatory, emollient and astringent effects. In the cosmetic and dermatological field, the extracts of the rhizome and the root are used as astringent and emollient of inflamed skin.

Nymphaeus is also widely used in moisturizing and elasticizing treatments and as an ingredient within solar products.


Nymphaeh extract a true gift of nature, widely used in cosmetic industry and hair treatments, to increase its natural shine. It nourishes and revitalizes them, protecting them from the thermal stress of the hairdryer and heat. He also fights the deception of the hair and contrasts the fall.

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