Vitamin E

Scientific name: Tocopherol
Classification: Vitamin


Tales from nature

Vitamin E-or α-tocopherol-is particularly suitable for mature, dry and dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin. Vitamin E is present in many foods that we take daily, as in fruit and vegetables.

It is a liposoluble antioxidant that contrasts the formation of free radicals, the main responsible for skin aging and cell damage, with a moisturizing, anti-aging and nourishing action. For this it is used very frequently in the cosmetic field.


Vitamin E has antioxidant, moisturizing and elasticizing properties on the skin and acts against free radicals, responsible for cell aging processes. Combined with Niacin and Mentolo it carries out an action of strong support for the work of the hair bulbs and follicles in the growth and regrowth phase (new Anagen phase), stimulating blood circulation and healthy hair growth.

In solar products, the tocopherol carries out an anti -inflammatory action, effective in case of erythema, redness, burns caused to excessive exposure to the sun.

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