Winged Cassia extract

Scientific name: Cassia Alata Leaf Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Astringent, anti-aging.

Tales from nature

The winged Cassia is a shrub of the legume family, also called Senna. It grows in warm and arid climates and is typical of North Africa and the Middle East. It has a refreshing and laxative effect because it is rich in glucose and fructose. From its beautiful flower, the winged Cassia extract is obtained, an active ingredient capable of reducing skin changes, favoring regeneration.


The winged Cassia leaf extract has various beneficial properties, among which protects cell nuclei, preserving their cell integrity and fights aging, for this reason it is often used within products with anti-aging effects. In addition, it can be found in solar products in association with UV filters.

Thanks to its narrow effect of the skin pores, it is excellent in shaving products, as it helps to scar the micro wounds of the skin, leaving it smooth and perfectly healthy.

Principi attivi

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