The secret of essential oils

Essential oils: the winning formula TreatSystemethod

From the precious parts of the plants

Napura has always used precious synergies of essential oils in almost all the formulas of the Treatsystemethod, to obtain extraordinary performance in the treatment of some common skin problems, such as dandruff, fall, intoxicated or fat skin.

Let's discover together the main secrets of the essential oils

Essential oilsThey are substances extracted from the precious parts of the plants, they are volatile, fragrant, more or less fluid. The term "oils" must not deceive, since they have nothing in common with the other oils of vegetable origin: oils are defined because they have a lower density for water and cannot be diluted in it.
In fact, if used pure in an aqueous substance they separate and move to the surface, as in the napura vials.
Essential oils are the perfect result of light and heat, and are found above all in flowers and leaves, but also in wood and bark, in the seeds and roots, in the fruits and in the zest and from the same plant you can extract different oils . Their main feature is volatility, or the speed with which they evaporate whether exposed to the air or light.
That's why it is important to protect pure essential oil.
Pure essential oil is among the most expensive raw materials in the world.

How do essential oils act?

Essential oils have various properties and extreme effectiveness of action. Their absorption takes place through the skin and but also respiratory. By leather: by putting the essential oils in direct contact with the skin, they penetrate through the dermis, this allows to carry out their action where it serves effectively. The liquidity of the vials and shampoo facilitates this dynamic, also guaranteeing the feeling of pleasure for treatment, thanks also to the pleasant characteristics. The napura treatments based on essential oils have been very effective for over twenty years especially if strategically alternated over time, to offer services that respond to different needs of the skin or exercise preventive action, even on a target of younger customers, both male and feminine.

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