Amino acids and active soy

Scientific name: Soy Amino Acids Hydrolyzed Soy Extract and Actives
Classification: Amino acid

Moisturizers and protective.



Tales from nature

The amino acids of soy are usually obtained for hydrolysis of the seeds of the plant itself, and are proteins broken in smaller chains of amino acids.

Soy is a leguminous, and the seeds have a very high protein content. These proteins play an important role in cosmetics, as they are able to stimulate skin metabolism. They are rich in amino acids, essential for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and keratin.


Soy, plant source of proteins and active, is appreciated for the ability to retain hydration and protect the capillary stem.

Thanks to this film action, soy proteins give shine, body and combability to the hair. They stimulate growth, regeneration and cell breathing.

The production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid increase.
Furthermore, they mitigate the damage caused by the treatments and the warmth of the styling tools.

Principi attivi

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