Protein and amino acids of the almond

Scientific name: Almond Proteins andHydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein
Classification: Vegetable protein and amino acid

Nourishing, reinforcing.


Tales from nature

The almonds are seeds rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium and fiber from which the proteins and the amino acids of the almond are extracted. They are widely used in cosmetics for the countless benefits they bring to the human body. Among these, the high elasticizing power over the skin and hair.


The high concentration of vitamins and minerals available in the proteins and amino acids of the almonds bring numerous benefits to the body. These characteristics favor their wide and diversified use in the food and cosmetic field.

They bring nourishment to the capillary fiber and strengthen the stem at each wash.

They reduce static electricity by neutralizing the electric charge. As balsam they leave the hair easy to handle, elastic, soft and shiny, giving volume, lightness and shine.

Principi attivi

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