Carrot extract

Scientific name: DAUCUS CAROTA Sativa Root Extract,
Classification: Vegetable extract

Protective, soothing.

Tales from nature

The carrot plant belongs to the apiaceae family and is one of the most common vegetables. Originally from the Middle East and then spread in the Mediterranean, already at the time of the Greeks and Romans, its seeds were used for medical purposes as an officinal plant.

In ancient times it was purple and white and only since the seventeenth century, to honor the Orange dynasty, some Dutch peasants began to cultivate orange carrots, a color very appreciated also for use in the kitchen. The carrot is rich in vitamins A, B, C fundamental for the well -being of the entire organism, especially for the safeguarding of vision and skin.


The carrot extract, from the roots of the plant, is an oily extract used in cosmetics being rich in carotenians, capable of keeping the cell membrane of the skin integrates, with a protective action of dry and chapped skin.

Amply used also in case of redness and irritation related to prolonged sun exposure. It has protective, moisturizing and elasticizing properties of the skin from the action of UV ultraviolet rays. Thanks to its antioxidant power it stimulates tanning, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Principi attivi

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