Common sage essential oil

Scientific name: Salvia Officinalis Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Normalizing, regulatory and stimulating sebum.

Tales from nature

Salvia Officinalis is a small common plant, herbaceous and aromatic, belonging to the Lamiaceae family. The generic name derives from the Latin "Salvus", healthy, with reference to its anti -inflammatory, balsamic and digestive properties. The epithet attributed indicates a plant with real or supposed medicinal properties.

The ancient Romans, who had already recognized his therapeutic virtues to this plant, proceeded to his collection with a particular ritual, without the intervention of iron objects, in white tunic and with bare and well -washed feet. Before and after the Romans, from the ancient Egyptians to the medieval pharmacopoeia, sage was always highly appreciated in herbal medicine and not surprisingly Linneo attributed to her the name of Officinalis. Sage belongs to the same family of mint and is fragrant, tasty, and is effective for health and natural cosmetics.

It is used in cosmetics in skincare formulas with dermopurifying and antiseptic action for fat and impure skin and skin.


Sage essential oil is particularly effective for counteracting body hyperhydrosis phenomena, including skin and fatty hair problems that can encourage the occasional hair loss. It helps to normalize the excesses of sebaceous and sweating secretions.

Strengthen the natural functions of the follicular system, favoring the growth of new hair to replace those entered prematurely in the spare and fall phase.

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