Echinacea extract

Scientific name: Echinacea Angustifolia Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Elasticizing, moisturizing and stimulating.

Tales from nature

Echinacea is a kind of perennial herbaceous plants, interesting from an ornamental and herbaceous point of view. The Echinaceae are originally from North America, and have a very large area that extends from the coastal areas to large plains, affecting many states.

Echinaceae show a significant adaptability to the different environmental conditions; They grow spontaneously both in the plain and at high altitude, preferring open and sunny areas. They appear from late spring to autumn and bloom between June and August. The stem has erect bearing, it is more or less hairy, branched and covered with a few or many leaves depending on the species.

Echinacea extract is widely used in cosmetic formulations for the treatment and prevention of cellulite and stretch marks, as well as in hair loss treatments.


Echinacea extract is able to improve the appearance of dry and mature skin, improving its elasticity and surface hydration. The same benefit can be found on the scalp which, strengthening, creates an environment more suitable for hair growth.

Furthermore, it enhances the action of the synergy of the essential oils present in the skin treatments, assisting the hair follicles to better use the available nourishments. At the same time it carries out an intense stimulating activity of the roots.

Principi attivi

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