Cypress essential oil

Scientific name: Cupressus Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Toning, vasoconstrictor and sanitizing.

Tales from nature

The cypress, or Cupressus, is a very long -lived genre of plant, of the Cupressaceae family including also trees of considerable size, up to 50 meters high, with tapered and pyramidal hair, very rich in branches and leaves.

Cypresses had a great diffusion as ornamental plants and have been planted in the hot or temperate climate regions of almost the whole world. Much used in cosmetic products, both in anti -cellulite treatments, and skin and hair, thanks to its vasoconstrictor and purifying power.


Cypress essential oil is very effective in anti -cellulite treatments thanks to its vasoconstrictor power. In skincare products and specific treatments for skin and hair is used in case of excess sebum, to make the skin clean and sanitized, especially in case of oily hair.

Tyon the wall of the blood capillaries in order to minimize water retention.

Principi attivi

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