Scientific name: Fruitful
Classification: Active principle

Exfoliating, emollient and humant.


Tales from nature

Fruttose is a simple sugar, which is found in nature in solid or watery solution, in most sugary fruits and in the related juices, then in honey and to a lesser extent in various vegetables, including sugar beet or cane sugar, from which the best known sucrose is also obtained. Fructose is the sweetest of all types of sugars.

Fructose is a sweet substance that can be used as a substitute for sugar to sweeten drinks, prepare sweets and keep food.
In cosmetics it is used in the scrub and rubber formulas for body and face, thanks to its ability to smooth and exfoliate the skin. His granules, much smaller than those of salt, are less aggressive and also suitable for impure skins. The circular movements, with the microspheres of the scrub, remove the surface cells of the skin, promoting the regeneration of the underlying epidermal tissues. And the skin appears smooth and luminous.

Sugar properties go beyond mechanical exfoliation. Sugar is also a natural antiseptic capable of purifying the skin, preventing the formation of imperfections and black points. In addition, an ally against hyperpigmentation proves.


Biologically very active natural sugar, with a very high emollient effect and protective and moisturizing skills for skin and hair. It also has a humating function, maintains the water content and the volume of the hair.

Principi attivi

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