Glycolic acid

Scientific name: GLYCOLIC ACID
Classification: Active principle

Exfoliating and anti-aging.


Tales from nature

Glycolic acid is a carboxylic acid used in the medical and cosmetic field capable of generating benefits in the skin.
It is obtained in nature from pineapple, sugar beet, immature grapes, melon, sugar cane and can also be produced for chemical synthesis.

Glycolic acid being a very low molecular weight molecule is able to easily penetrate the layers of the skin where it stimulates a reaction in the upper layer for which the bonds that keep the epithelial cells united with each other, so the dead cells come off And the skin takes on a smoother, soft and bright appearance. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that restore compactness and elasticity to the epidermis.


Glycolic acid in the cosmetic field is used in the treatment of acne, keratosis, imperfection of the skin, for skin and oily skin, dry skin, to reduce the signs of wrinkles, stretch marks, damage caused by the sun.

It carries out considerable exfoliation of the skin by increasing the cell turnover: this means that younger and healthy cells are visible on the surface of the skin.

Principi attivi

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