Lauro Nobile essential oil

Scientific name: Laurus Nobilis Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Reinforce and tone the hair bulbs.

Tales from nature

Lauraceae belongs to the Laurus Nobilis family, from which the laurel essential oil is extracted, known for its rebalancing properties of the skin. It is an evergreen shrub, typical of the Mediterranean areas where it grows spontaneously. For the ancients it was the tree consecrated to the sun-apollo, with its leaves the heroes, the genes and the essays were surrounded. In fact, it was thought that his leaves had the power of divination and to remove bad fate and contagious diseases.

In the Greek myth, the Nymph Dafne (laurel), was the first love of the God Apollo. To escape the courtship of the god, the young woman was transformed by Mother Gea (the earth), into a bay leaf. Apollo therefore decided to venerate this plant making it evergreen and to make it sacred to him. Since then it became a symbol of glory and triumph in times of war.

Laurel essential oil is able to restore the sebaceous balance in the dermatitis that generate acne and inflammation. It is also widely used in skin treatments characterized by occasional or seasonal falling episodes.


In the skin treatments it exerts a strengthening and toning action of the hair bulbs, stimulates microcirculation, promoting the oxygenation and nourishment of the fabrics, contrasting the occasional or seasonal episodes of hair loss.

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