Mango butter

Scientific name: 

Nourishing, repairer.

Tales from nature

Mango is a result of tropical origin, originally from India and Burma. Mango oil is extracted from its seed and is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its marked emollient, moisturizing, anti -inflammatory properties and thanks to its power to counter free radicals.

It is widely used within products such as moisturizers and nutrients for the body, hand creams, lip balms, nourishing balms for dry and brittle hair, colorful hair treatments.


The mango butter nourishes and repairs and is particularly suitable for thin, dry, brittle and ruined hair. It makes them strong, bright and prevents the formation of double points.

He performs a regenerating and antioxidant action and fights the aging of the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and smooth and protecting it from the stress of wind, cold and external agents.

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