Soy Protein

Scientific name: Hydrolyzed Soy Extract
Classification: Vegetable protein

Moisturizing, repairer.

Tales from nature

Soy is a millennial plant, used as a source of nutrition that has always been in the Asian area, where it was considered a "sacred" plant thanks to its charity power. Soy proteins are obtained from the seeds of the homonymous plant and are known to be very protein.

Today it continues to be a much loved food in the Asian world, especially by women, also given their particular attention to the beauty of face, body and hair.


Soy proteins create a protective film on the hair, retaining hydration. In addition, they repair the cuticles, making them smooth and easily combable. They are very effective for brittle hair that tend to break. They also protect against the stress of heat and UV rays. The hair is soft and shiny.

Principi attivi

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