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STAMIGEN: the regenerating anti-aging treatment dedicated to weak hair

#00For counteracting hair loss you need to address - literally - the root of the problem. And to do so, Napura experts rely on the most innovative technologies to draw on the best that Nature has to offer.
One example? Plant stem cells..

These particular stem cells are extracted from shoots, roots or fruits of different types of plants and flowers and are used in cosmetics for their powerful anti-aging and tissue regeneration properties due to their ability to multiply rapidly and give rise to copies of themselves.

Anti-aging, regeneration, multiplication-you also intuit the enormous potential these precious cells can have in the battle against hair loss, don't you?


Thanks to the innovative formulation based on valuable bioactive elements of plant stem cells, Napura's Stamigen line promotes healthy and robust growth of even the smallest and thinnest hair, regenerating follicles and controlling episodes of weakening and excessive hair loss.

The unique biotechnological complex - based on stem cell extracts of unripe Grape and Lilac flower, Soy and Indian Kino Actives - improves follicle functions and promotes the natural processes of hair turnover and regrowth.

The action is enhanced by the natural extracts of birch, nettle, fenugreek and horsetail which, combined with extremely mild and SLS-free surfactants, provide hair with body, energy and shine, with the utmost respect for the scalp.

The result: with Stamigen's revitalizing and antioxidant treatment, better the vitality and development capacity of even the smallest and thinnest hair, promoting healthy hair growth and incredible hair beauty.

Ask for advice to your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to assist and guide you in choosing the right treatment for you.

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Plant stem cells from unripe grapes

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Birch Extract

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