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Cleans: the sebum-regulating treatment for oily hair

#03L'sweat hyperhidrosis and theexcessive sebum production are the main cause of skin blemishes.
One of the direct consequences concerns precisely The hair: it becomes weighed down and easily soiled, losing its original beauty.

In these cases it is necessary to find a gentle and effective cleaning system, which appropriately and specifically cleanses the scalp and hair that tend to get dirty quickly. At the same time it is necessary to regulate the secretions of the scalp, so as to facilitate its natural functions and thus ensure the well-being of the skin and hair.

Of course, this all sounds easier said than done. Or does it?

Did you know that the CLEANS line regulates sebum secretions and keeps hair clean longer?

Napura's Cleans line is designed precisely to regulate scalp secretions and effectively treat oily hair that tend to get dirty quickly.

The gentle cleansing of washing actives of plant origin, combined with the effects of the essential oils such as Cedar, Lemon Balm and Geranium, has a powerful regulatory action on the skin, effectively dampening the productions of the glands.
The specific blend of natural active substances such as the cardamom, ivy and horse chestnut extracts help regulate skin secretions, prolonging the result of a clean scalp and hair over time.
Finally, the wheat proteins penetrate inside the hair and strengthen it, integrating into its structure.

The result: with Cleans professional sebum-regulating treatment. hair will be kept beautiful, clean and light for a long time, while the scalp will regain a healthy natural protection that can keep it perfectly moisturized. You will finally be able to enjoy a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness that will persist for a long time!

Ask for advice from your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to assist and guide you in choosing the right treatment for you.

Cedar essential oil

Cardamom extract

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