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3ENERGY: the adjuvant anti-fall treatment for oily hair

#03Oily hair and excessive hair loss: is there a connection? The answer is yes!
When people talk about oily hair, they often mention the sebum but people ignore the fact that this substance performs a very important task, as it protects the skin from sun, cold and bacteria and promotes skin hydration, making the hair stronger and shinier.
Under normal conditions, therefore, it is a true ally of our hair's well-being!

Some factors, however, can cause the excess sebum production and the appearance of a Oily Scalp o with hyperhidrosis: hormonal imbalances, changing eating habits, stressful events and the use of harsh shampoos are in fact often the cause of a overproduction of sebumand the consequent onset of multiple imperfections.

In fact, excess sebum Hinders the proper oxygenation of hair and its normal growth, making it heavy, greasy and weakening it to such an extent that it causes it to premature - and sometimes excessive - hair loss.
What to do, then, to regularize sebum production, while strengthening the roots and hindering the excessive hair loss? Read on and you will find out!


Thanks to a special synergy of 19 carefully selected essential oils, the 3ENERGY treatment is your best ally in ridding your skin of sebum or excessive hyperhidrosis, combating hair loss.
L'lemon essential oil, due to its astringent and calming action, regulates the sebaceous and sweat glands and is also a powerful antiseptic. L'essential oil of sage, on the other hand, improves the nourishing and oxygenating conditions of the bulbs, regulating glandular secretion and thus allowing the roots to perform their functions to the fullest.

The result: with the 3ENERGY treatment you will give energy and regularity to your skin, helping your hair to grow stronger and shinier!
Not only that, thanks to its powerful aromatherapy action, 3ENERGY treatment has calming effects on the nervous system, helping to relieve mental stress!

Ask for advice to your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to assist and guide you in choosing the right treatment for you.

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Lemon essential oils

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