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Men's hairstyles and haircuts trends Spring/Summer 2024 

While the world of women's hair fashion continues to amaze with new trends and innovations, we certainly cannot forget the universe man, where the search for style and originality is equally vibrant and dynamic. With the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2024 season, it is time to explore the cuts and hairstyles that are defining the men's landscape. 

Order and flexibility without sacrificing charm: the Buzz Cut 

The Buzz Cut remains an icon of style and practicality, characterized by evenly shaved hair, it embodies the essence of order and neatness: fashion and trend alongside convenience. 

Another version, the Crew Cut, features hair that is short on the sides and longer on top, for those seeking effortless style and sophistication. This classic cut is extremely versatile and can be customized to fit different face shapes. 

Finally, we have the Fade Cut, with a gradual transition from short to longer length. Fresh and modern, this look is a popular option for men who wish to experiment with bolder, more avant-garde styles. 

Current and versatile: Slick Back wet effect 

What was once considered a formal styling reserved for special occasions is now transformed into a current hairstyle suitable for everyday wear. The Slick Back look requires the use of hair gels or waxes and is modernized by its richer and more dynamic texture. 

I Gel  of the Finish Line NXT are what you need to make the most of your styling. 

The Waxes  he Line Superior Therapy by MTJ will allow you to create the perfect Slick Back with true wet effect! Refined and sensual.

Undercut for a fresh and elegant look 

Featuring shaved sides and nape while the top remains longer, this style offers a dynamic contrast that attracts attention and adds a touch of originality to any look. The length of the top can vary from short to medium to long, allowing customization of the cut to suit your taste and personality. 

Choose NXT to complete your styling and make it neat all day, while maintaining the natural beauty of your hair. 

The return of the Bowl Cut: a style icon for all ages 

Always popular with the little ones, now the Bowl Cut is also winning over adults and world-renowned stylists. Revisited with a modern twist, it has become a style icon for everyone who wants a bold and distinctive look. 

This cut is particularly suitable for rectangular, triangle or elongated faces, as it helps to reproportion facial features, creating a harmonious and balanced effect. Following the trend messy that is all the rage this Season, dishevel your hair a bit and keep the cut low to cover your forehead. 

The appeal of the Top Knot 

Simple and glamorous, this style features long hair pulled up on the top of the head and much shorter hair at the back and sides. One of the reasons the Top Knot is so popular is its versatility. It can be worn on multiple occasions, from work to leisure, and suits a variety of personal styles. It is perfect for those who want a look that is both elegant and casual, sophisticated yet effortless. 

With medium to long hair, it is important to maintain softness and combability in the lengths. Therefore, the recommendation for this type of hairstyle is definitely the Pluri-Phase from NXT, innovative conditioning spray suitable for all hair types, makes it docile, soft and silky. It does not require rinsing. 

The timelessness of the Mullet 

The Mullet continues to make waves and be a style icon for 2024. This hairstyle gives a slightly punk effect that, with the right look suits all occasions perfectly. Although it originated in the 1980s, the Mullet remains surprisingly current, evolving and losing that retro flavor that may have tired it out. The key to making the Mullet contemporary is its reinterpretation; the length of the back of the head is shortened, while the sides are allunge slightly, allowing only a few wisps to emerge from behind the ears. This restyling gives the Mullet a more modern and sophisticated look, but without losing its distinctive identity. 

Whatever you choose from this Season's Trends, care for your hair with Treatsystemethod and define your styling, unleashing all your creativity with the Line NXT Finish by Napura

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