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Trending colors in the Spring/Summer 2024 season 

Hair color trends for Spring/Summer 2024 are a celebration of the diversity and beauty of shades and offer a wide range of options for every taste and personality. From the warm, enveloping tones of caramel brown to the bold, vibrant shades of pastel colors, there is one for every taste and occasion. 

It takes sweetness: Gluttonous Caramel 

Caramel Brown is confirmed as one of the most loved and popular choices. Versatile and able to adapt to various skin tones and hair shades, this soft and enveloping color offers a wide range of shades, ranging from the lightest brown to the most intense caramel, allowing you to find the perfect shade for any hair type. 

What makes caramel brown so irresistible is its ability to add luminosity and depth to the hair, creating a multidimensional effect that catches the eye. Its warm shades reflect light naturally, giving the hair a radiant, glowing look. 

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The recommended shades for Caramel lovers are: 

7.32 Golden Irisèe Blonde 

6.34  Dark Golden Copper Blonde 

7 Blond 

7.23 Golden Iris Blond 

Cherry Cola: the enchantment of Burgundy 

In the 2024 hair color landscape, Cherry Cola, a shade that carries with it an aura of mystery and charm, emerges boldly. It is a cool variant of red, which transforms into a bright burgundy, rich in nuance and personality. Cherry Cola, in particular, stands out for its intensity and depth, infused with violet and blue undertones, giving the whole a dramatic and distinctive elegance. This deep red-brown embodies the beauty of nature and adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to any hair type. With its magnetic appeal and seductive intensity, it promises to win the hearts and gazes of anyone who dares to wear it. 

The recommended shades for Cherry Cola lovers are: 

4.65  Dark Red Mahogany Brown 

5.26 Light Brown Irisée Red 

5.20  Light Brown Irisée Intense 

5.66  Light Red Deep Brown 

Copper Ginger: warmth and richness for your hair 

This vibrant and eye-catching shade is set to become one of the most coveted and beloved hair colors for women looking for a distinctive and sophisticated style. The best hair looks of 2024 will feature a combination of copper tones mixed with warm shades of blonde or caramel. Wavy or curly locks, enhanced by scaling and bangs that frame the face, will be particularly popular for their natural and timeless appeal. 

The recommended shades for Copper Ginger lovers are: 

8.34  Light Golden Copper Blonde 

8.43  Light Golden Copper Blonde 

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Honey Blonde: natural radiance 

Honey blonde is characterized by a slightly darker shade than traditional blonde, giving depth and dimension to the overall look. This shade is particularly suitable for dark browns and brunettes, as it maintains a soft, natural feel that is ideal for spring. The golden highlights create an alluring effect. sun kissed, suitable for all complexions. 

The recommended shades for Copper Ginger lovers are: 

9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde 

11 Super Clear Blonde 

9 Very Light Blonde 

11.13 Super Lightest Blonde Super Light Beige 

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Peach Fuzz: Trend iconic 2024 

colors that follow peach and faded pink hues are gaining more and more popularity, inspired by the hue Peach Fuzz, Pantone color of the year 2024. Find out all about this Trend Color, we have written a Blog post.

This delicate and luminous shade, similar to warm blonde with orange highlights, adds a touch of freshness and romance to the hair, perfect for the spring season. Light pastel shades are ideal for light and cool complexions, and rosy shades enhance the sweetness and delicacy of the mood Peach Fuzz; if you want hair with modern yet classic coloring, strawberry blonde highlights are the perfect choice for you. 

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Eclipse Blue: creativity and originality for 2024 

2024 is shaping up to be a year of experimentation and boldness in hair colors, with a particular emphasis on shades of blue, from the intense Pantone Eclipse to more vibrant colors such as Pantone Persian Jewel. Whether opting for a deep, intense blue or experimenting with brighter, more playful shades, blue is confirmed as one of the season's most surprising and alluring trends. Get ready to make a bold statement with blue in 2024 and beyond. 

Recommended shades for Eclipse Blue lovers are: 

Blue Nuance, Intense blue with a WOW effect. 

In conclusion, the Spring/Summer 2024 season looks like a time of great creativity and boldness in hair colors. 

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