Myths to dispel that you may have always believed

The first myth to dispel concerns the conditioner. 

Do you weigh your hair? FALSE.

The use of the conditioner is essential to compact the cuticles and soften the hair after washing, facilitating the dissolution of the knots without damaging the hair. 

The softening action, conditioning in fact, is given by the selection of cation surfactants together with the correct selection of vegetable active ingredients such as butters, oils and extracts. 

Those who present the dry, unruly lengths will choose a conditioner with a more full -bodied texture and with a high percentage of oils. In this case we recommend C8 nutry, un conditioner Specific nutrient for dry hair, which nourishes the capillary fiber and gives the hair and hydration to the hair. 

Those who have brittle hair, frizzy, with double tips and that break easily will have to prefer conditioner with a high percentage of proteins and butters, such as C9 RikeirA concentrate of oils and proteins that reconstruct the cheratinic structure of the hair. 

Those who have colored hair that tend to easily download the coloring by losing brilliance can choose masks full of protective oils and films and with restructuring proteins such as C10 colorWhich hydrates and strengthens the damaged hair from colors or bleaching. 

Finally, those who tend to avoid using the conditioner is more who has the Oily Scalp And that gets dirty quickly. 

For this type of hair it will be necessary to select light formulas, with conditions with quick rinsing and short laying time, with few butters and extremely light oils and targeted active to seal the cuticles and give brilliance, where generally those who suffer from oily hair often has a hair opaque. C7 PH Respect the skin by balancing it and hydrating dry hair. 

The personalized advice at our Napura salons is essential to be able to discover your type of hair and use the right products for best hair health !! 

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Wash Too often the hair makes it dirty faster? FALSE.

The hair must be washed when dirty and not based on deadlines decided by mouth -word or lunar calendars. 

So, based on the amount of sebum that is produced, the washing frequency must be adapted. 

But why does it sometimes happen that after washing your hair seem already dirty and are already to be washed the next day? 

The cause can be multiple: 

  • A aggressive shampoo has been used, with non -natural or delicate surfactants, or not suitable: this does not mean that it has stimulated the production of sebum (which is regulated entirely by mechanisms unreachable by a cosmetic), it means instead that this shampoo does not have adequately washed the scalp depending on its type. 
  • You have not carefully rinsed the shampoo leaving the residues of the skin and hair.
  • For women it has passed over in ovulation or in the luteal phase.
  • It has been in a very polluted environment.

Do you often use the brush help to regulate the hair? True, but ... 

The use of styling tools is essential to regulate and shape length according to our needs, even if temporarily. 

Based on the purpose, we can use brushes of different shapes and material: from the destigning ones melted knots for wet hair (more sensitive to breaking since still rich in water), flat or round of different sizes, or precision combs for the defined styling of the hair short.

When, however, does the brush become harmful to the hair? 

Brush in a too energetic way and for a long time increases the electrostaticity of the hair and the cuticles open by giving a frizzy and fluffy effect. In addition, the continuous friction with hard bristles (e.g. plastic) cause damage to the keratin structure with consequent microlesions in the hair, which over time can lead to breaking it. 

The brush must then be chosen with quality materials and brush the hair without exaggerating.


Can any product be used after decolving or colors? FALSE. 

The coloring of the white, natural or colorful hair coloring are technical processes where the cheratinic structure of the hair undergoes damage. 

As careful and precise, the process, the hair, in order to maintain a healthy structure and not generate double points or to dry out, requires particular attention. After a very important discoloration or a very dark color, the hair requires some extra precautions to keep the result obtained as long as possible. 

AND therefore fundamental to integrate into one's own Hair Care Routine Specific products for colored hair, even with alternating washes with its favorite products, where a pre -protective pre -shade treatment of color and a mask designed to close the cuticles and give brightness to the applied pigments cannot be missing. 

We recommend you M10 color, the treatment pre shampoo of Napura Which prepares the hair for coloring, for an intense color and a healthy hair. 

Finally, it is always advisable to use a thermo protector, to preserve the hair from excessive heat. 

NXT Thermo Fluid Di Napura will protect your hair from heat and make them healthy and shiny. 

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Can we often touch our hair and dissolve the knots with the fingers without causing damage? FALSE. 

These gestures are very widespread vices. 

Touch your hair often, move the strands from the eyes or from one side of the face to the other, bind and continually dislocate your hair (perhaps with unsuitable elastic bands), pass your fingers in your hair trying to dissolve knots or to play with the tips, They are all gestures that are unconsciously made and that lead the hair to get dirty faster (our hands deposit sebum and dirty on the stem) and to create microfractures, which in the long run can lead to weakening of the capillary fiber, with formation of double points e tendency to break. The friction action must therefore be extremely limited to the moments of the styling. 

Now you know which tips to use and which gestures to avoid to keep your hair healthy. 

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