Purify - Line against toxins

Looking for a detox treatment for your skin? Find out how to purify it before spring

The beginning of the new year is the ideal time to purify the skin subject to toxins, usually more predisposed to the seasonal fall in spring.

The key word in these cases is to purify, so as to prepare the skin to receive the subsequent anti -anti -anti treatments alternating with other TreatSystemethod Napura treatments.
Let's find out together as with a focus on Purify line Of Napura, shampoo specialist for every type of hair need.

The signs of a scalp with toxins

To understand if your skin is intoxicated You can observe these signals:

  • The skin is rigid.
    To find out, you can try a test by pressing with your fingertips the skin of the scalp in the vertex area: if it remains whitish it means that the circulation is slowed down, therefore probably intoxicated, while if the skin becomes red then it is healthy.
    Or, another way is to exert a light pressure on the skin with the tip of the comb first on the sides of the head above the ears, then in the center of the head: if we perceive annoyance or greater soreness, it means that the skin could be intoxicated.
  • Hair grows very fine.
    If your hair is therefore less strong than before, less bright and more opaque and tending to fall, a highly advisable is a Purify treatment To eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the scalp and guarantee greater oxygenation of the hair bulbs.


The advantages of a treatment to purify the intoxicated skin

A purifying treatment It is suitable for those who have evident skin problems with toxins but also to those who are attentive to prevention: It should be done in fact at least twice a year, in spring and autumn, to prepare the skin for the seasonal change and to make the next much more effective Energy anti -anti -cornerstone treatments.

The Purify line was created precisely to respond to a need for purification of the scalp, thanks to the Expertise Cosmetic Napura linked to the use of the best natural principles.

Tips on the shampoo
You can use it Purify shampoo Alone by putting it directly in the skin on dry hair, thanks to the specific dispenser and leaving for a few minutes. Perfect for transforming the daily gesture of the shampoo into a mini treatment.

Its powerful Mix of 8 essential oils 100% natural It will dissolve the accumulated metabolic waste, thanks to its very effective solvent power and its very high ease of absorption by the skin. In addition, the excellent washing power will give the hair a fabulous sensation of clean.

The steps for complete treatment of the Purify line: shampoo + vial

Depending on the extent of the problem, the following steps can be performed 2 times a week for intensive treatment For a very tense skin, or 1 time a week for a not excessively problematic skin.

Step 1> Purify T1 pre - Purifying pre-shampoo treatment (Vial in the skin)
Step 2> Purify S1 - Shampoo with purifying action (Shampoo in skin)
Step 3> Purify T1 Post - Treatment after purifying shampoo (Vial in the skin)

As an alternative for highly intoxicated areas, it can be replaced in the first Purify T1 pre Step with the Purify Z1 intensive lotion. This product, in fact, is indicated for an even more intense action given the high concentration of essential oils.

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