Purify Natural Care: Hygiene and hydration thanks to nature

The strength of natural active principles to ensure leather hygiene and hydration

L'Cute hygiene It is normally understood as the health maintenance of the skin hydrolipidic film, namely that sebum patina that forms on it and which protects it from the outside.

Today this meaning has an even more important value, due to the particular attention that we all pay in anti -contagion rules. Particularly Continuous washing and leather sanitization can affect the alteration of the protective skin film, causing dryness and consequent skin irritation.

It is precisely to take care of our skin that Nature can offer precious ingredients and active principles. Let's discover together those contained in our Purify Natural Care line dedicated to cleaning and skin hygiene.

Did you know that the Purify Natural Care line is a unique mix of sanitizing and delicacy effectiveness on the skin?

Purify Natural Care is the natural line specifically formulated to purify and take care of hands, body and hair at any time of the day. Let's discover i natural active prìncipi that make up the formulations of the line.

To cleanse and sanitize
Cloves, Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil And Melaleuca Niaouli they are key ingredients of the line for their natural antiseptic effect, together with LemongrassAnd Borneolo which ensure important antibacterial protection.
Each formulation is designed to cleansely cleanse and purify always maintaining respect for the pH of the skin.

Recommended products: Hands gel and hands fluid for an without rinse sanitizing action; Soap, body bath and shampoo for effective and respectful cleansing of skin and hair.

To hydrate and protect
The Aloe Vera juicemakes the skin silky and velvety, while theHyaluronic acid It helps to keep skin hydration high.
The vegetable oils present in moisturizing products are also important: theVegetable oil of Jojoba and Patauà They have an immediate and prolonged emollient effect over time.
Thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 And 9, nourishes the skin and makes it healthier in functions and appearance, giving it softness and silkiness.
The pure essential oils of lavender, pink and geranium They have a quick soothing effect and offer valid antibacterial protection. The Mango butterFinally, it has an immediate emollient effect and great benefits both against excessive sensitivity and against free radicals.

Recommended products: Balm hands to give relief to dry hands, hand mask for a more intense action on chapped hands.

Thanks to the presence of highly antibacterial and moisturizing natural ingredients, Purify Natural Care products ensure cleansing and hygiene, preventing bacterial infections and taking care of the skin leaving it soft and clean.

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Purify Gel Mani Purifying

Hand cleaner

Purify Gel Mani Purifying

Purifying hands gel

100 ml

Purify Purifying soap

Body cleaner

Purify Purifying soap

Purifying soap hands and body

100 ml

Purify Balm Manifling hands

Hand balm

Purify Balm Manifling hands

Purifying and emollient hand balm

100 ml


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