Science and Beauty

Science behind beauty: the importance of research in cosmetics

The gesture of applying a beauty product It is so pleasant that we often forget that there is a high scientific value enclosed in it.

Science and research In fact, the fundamental elements for the growth and evolution of the cosmetic industry are. The goal of scientific research is that of respond to the new and growing expectations of consumers towards effective and safe products And this can be guaranteed through the continuous innovation of cosmetic products and their ingredients.

How much does Italy invest in cosmetic research?

The cosmetic industry is a highly innovative sector and invests conspicuous resources in research and development. Most companies in the sector, at European level, spend between 1.5% and 4.5% of the annual turnover in research and innovation: In Italy investments rise to 6%. A value well above the average of the other Italian manufacturing sectors (Source Cosmetica Italia: Science behind beauty - the scientific value of the cosmetic product).

When we talk about cosmetic product we must therefore imagine an attentive and scrupulous scientific path, the result of the integration of different figures and professional skills. Cosmetics is a science And a "fil rouge" that has always accompanied the human being, despite the variety of cultures and habits.

Take care of one's physical health and take care of themselves are one When we consider physical and psychological health as one, that is, our well -being.
Cosmetic is therefore not only a beauty tool, but it is also a Great tool for psychological well -being of people, because they work on self -esteem and the importance of wanting to love each other.

That's why at Procosmet we work on our products through a constant research activity: to ensure you effectiveness, quality and pleasantness of use.

The strength that the market recognizes us? Made in Italy products certified and based on 100% natural active principles, and a specific Expertise on the shampoo lines, which are able to give excellent results from the first treatments.

The confirmation that science and beauty travel to unison!

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