Azulene essential oil

Scientific name: Azulene Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Calming and soothing.

Tales from nature

Azulene is a natural botanical oil derived from the steam distillation of the Chamomile, Achillea or Blue Tanaceto flowers and boasts marked anti -inflammatory and calming properties on skin irritations.
The name derives from "Azul", or "blue" in Spanish, thanks to its particular blue color.

Azulene essential oil is a primary component of chamomile essential oil. It soothes and attenuates redness and inflammation of various kinds, such as after hair removal or shaving or in case of sunburn. Hydrates and improves the natural antibacterial functions of the skin.


Azulene's essential oil exerts a strong calming and soothing action, helping to relieve annoyance, inflammation and irritation of the skin, caused by imperfections such as fatty skin and dandruff, aggressive color treatments or cases of pediculosis.

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