Extract of the green berries of the grapes

Scientific name: Grape Seed Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Protective and regenerating of the follicles, restructuring of the capillary fiber.


Tales from nature

Autumn fruit, the grapes, Vitis vinifera, is a plant known since ancient times. The first traces of this fruit date back to finds in the Caucasus area of ​​over 7000 years ago. It also appears in the Bible linked to the figure of Noah.

Of the grapes everything is used, the fruit, the peel and the berries that in turn contain very small seeds from which a precious oil is obtained. The grapes offers numerous beneficial effects, both as a food with antioxidant effects, as a stimulator of blood circulation, and as a component of different cosmetics.

The grape seeds are very rich in oil (vinaccioli oil) and precious antioxidants. The extract of the grapes of the grapes represents a concentrated source of antioxidants and highly vital cells capable of bringing benefits to the body and skin. They act on free radicals by carrying out a powerful action against photoaging.


The bioactive extracts of vegetable stem cells of the green grape berries improve the functions of the follicles by promoting the natural spare and hair regrowth processes, restructure the capillary fiber starting from the first application. The hair finds brightness, softness and combability.

They are also able to protect cell membranes, thanks to the high content of polyphenols and natural tocopherols.

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