Dead Sea salts

Scientific name: 

Moisturizers, stimulating and detoxifying.


Tales from nature

This generates purifying and draining effects and nourishment for the skin, which appears brighter and smooth. Even the most common imperfections of the skin benefit from it, thanks to their ability to stimulate blood circulation.


The salts of the dead Sea, rich in magnesium, hydrate and stimulate the microcirculation, promoting the spraying of the hair bulbs. They perform a double action: they favor the natural metabolic reactions of the bulbs and strengthen the structure.

They also contrast water retention and cellulite, hydrate the skin and skin in depth, perform a decongestant, detoxifying and repairing action of the skin, contrast skin relaxation and revitalize the skin, making it more toned and smooth, reduce the signs caused by the Rughe and favor skin rejuvenation, eliminate dead cells and favoring skin oxygenation.


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