Cardamom extract

Classification: Vegetable extract

Disinfectant, antioxidant and regulator.

Tales from nature

Cardamomo is a spice obtained from the seeds of a tropical herbaceous plant, Electory Cardamomum, belonging, together with ginger, pepper and turmeric, to the Zingiberaceae family.

The origin of cardamom is on the Asian continent, especially in India and Malaysia, but today it is also cultivated in Cambodia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. The cardamom was already known by the Romans and the Greeks, who used it above all as an ingredient for the creation of perfumes.

Today it is used as a fragrance in the cosmetic formulas of oils and bathrooms for the body, perfumes for environments, thanks to its stimulating, aphrodisiac and energizing perfume.


The cardamom extract is an excellent disinfectant for our skin, has antioxidant properties, very effective in case of dandruff and contributes to regulating skin secretions, prolonging the result of scalp and clean hair over time.

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