Essential oil of cloves

Scientific name: Eugenia Caryophillata Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Purifies the skin by freeing it from toxins.

Tales from nature

Eugenia Caryophyllata is an evergreen spice that grows spontaneously in temperate climates: Indonesia, Madagascar, Antilles, Philippines. His buds have the typical form of nails, hence the name of cloves. It belongs to the families of Myrtaceae. Originally from the Molucche Islands, towards the end of the 1700s some plants of Eugenia were planted in Zanzibar, Antilles and Mauritius.

Natural remedy widely widespread in the East for its digestive, toned, anti -inflammatory antiseptic virtues, the cloves arrived in the West in the 4th and 5th century. The precious essential oil was used by the Egyptians to embalm the corpses, thanks to its high antimicrobial power against mushrooms and bacteria, anti -inflammatory and analgesic.


It contrasts the hair loss thanks to its power to reduce the inflammation of the skin, to contrast the action of free radicals, avoiding the narrowing of the scalp follicles. It also exerts a purifying and antibacterial action, eliminating its impurities and toxins accumulated over time.

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