Extract by Serenoa Rapens

Scientific name:Serenoa Repens (Serrulata) Fruit Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Cosuvant for anti -foster, stimulating and protective.


Tales from nature

The Serenoa repens or Saw Palmetto is a spontaneous dwarf palm that grows in coastal areas with subtropical climate especially in Florida, in the United States, and can reach four meters in height. It produces black-reddish berries rich in fatty acids and phytosterols.

Note since the time of the Florida Indians to relieve urological disorders, today it is widely used in cosmetics, thanks to its extract. Rich in biologically active substances, it is used within supplements and above all traditional and homeopathic medicines, capable of taking care of numerous urological-sexual allìApparata disorders.

Since it has been shown that it acts on a hormonal level, Serenoa Rapens extract is effective for counteracting hair loss.


The extract of Serenoa repens acts as an adjuvant hair anti -folding, stimulates the circulation of the skin and hair growth, increasing its density and giving the hair a thicker and more vital appearance, protecting them from growth inhibitors.

Principi attivi

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