Grapefruit essential oil

Scientific name: Citrus Paradisi Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Draining, purifying and astringent.

Tales from nature

The grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) is an evergreen plant of the Rutaceae family, originally from Central America, widely cultivated in Florida, South Africa and Argentina. It is a perennial plant, its leaves are dark green, long and thin. The grapefruit requires a rather mild climate.

From the fruit is extracted the essential oil, known for its draining, firming properties, excellent in the cosmetic formulations for the treatment of oily, impure, acne and dull skin.


Facilitates the complete closure of the scales, making the capillary fiber extraordinarily smooth and combable. The hair cuticle can thus carry out its physiological protective action. It has a general antiseptic action, it is toned and euphorizing, contrasts both mental and physical, stimulates the lymphatic system and appetite.

In body products it exerts a powerful draining effect that reduces the swelling of the typical cellulite tissues. Eliminates toxins from the body and contributes to reducing cellulite and arresting further development.

Furthermore, thanks to the high content of vitamin C, grapefruit helps to fight the adipose accumulation that constitutes one of the main causes of the assignment.

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