Australian Niaouly essential oil

Scientific name: Melaleuca Viridiflora Leaf Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Bactericidal, antiseptic and healing.

Tales from nature

Viridiflora melaleuca, also known as Niaouli, is a small tree of the Myrtaceae family, originally from the forest areas of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. The plant was originally used by the Aborigines for various purposes while its extract was used in traditional medicine to produce Niaouly essential oil, obtained from the leaves and twigs.

Traditionally, an infusion of Niaouly leaves was used to wash children and sick and prepared a decoction to fight infections. Niaouly was also used to treat bronchi and urinary tract. The Kanak took advantage of the cortex to cover the walls and roofs of the huts.

In ancient times it was customary to wrap the children in his bark after birth to protect them and give him strength. Niaouly essential oil in cosmetics is effective for its antibacterial, purifying, disinfectant and soothing effects.


In sanitizing cosmetic products and for cleansing the body, it promotes blood and lymphatic circulation and carries out a bactericidal action while maintaining healthy and clean skin.

It is also used in cosmetic formulas thanks to its ability to cure wounds and burns, favoring skin cicatrization, as well as in the treatments for the treatment of skin imperfections, such as acne or other common shades, acting with its antibacterial and antiseptic capacity.

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