Hypericum extract

Scientific name: Hypericum perforatum Flower Extract
Classification: Vegetable extract

Protective, antioxidant.

Tales from nature

The hypericum (Hypericum pissenum) is an officinal, perennial plant, belonging to the Hypericaceae family, with the characteristic yellow flowers. Since ancient times, beneficial properties have been attributed to magical and mysterious soul and body.

The hypericum is also known in tradition with the name of Erba di San Giovanni, because it reaches the peak of flowering around June 24, the feast of the saint. In the cosmetic field, the hypericum extract, extracted from the plant, is used for its astringent, antibacterial and healing properties in skincare and solar products.


The hypericum extract is suitable for topical use in the event of burns, erythema, wounds and lesions of the skin of various kinds, thanks to its astringent, antibacterial and healing properties.

Collagen production stimulator, it is often also found within anti -wrinkle or anti -ispiece products and as a reinvigorator of the hair. Thanks to its multiple properties it protects the hair and skin from oxidations.

It is widely used in specific solar products to protect body and hair from prolonged exposure.

Principi attivi

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