Klamath alga extract

Scientific name: Klamath seaweed
Classification: Vegetable extract

Stimulating and bioregulating action.

Tales from nature

Klamath algae are not marine algae, but lake, as they collect directly in the lake of the same name, in Oregon, in the United States, where they grow in abundance near the Klamath waterfalls, from which they take their name. It is one of the most nutritious types of algae in the world, with important nutraceutical properties.

They contain proteins and vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, enzymes and lipids. They are also rich in eight essential amino acids that represent a source of arginine. They are green/blue in color and grow in a pure environment, without chemical pollutants. They are widely used in cosmetics for their wide -ranging beneficial effect.


Klamath algae have anti-aging, antioxidant effects, contrast the action of free radicals, responsible for cellular aging. They also have anti -inflammatory properties and multiple benefits on the human body. They are also used in the cosmetic formulas of hair products and skincare products.

Principi attivi

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