Vegetable Glycerol - Vegetable Glycerin

Scientific name: Glycerol
Classification: Active ingredient

Humectant, emollient and moisturizer.


Tales from Nature

Vegetable Glycerin, also known as Glycerol is the most widely used ingredient in cosmetics due to its antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties that can provide numerous benefits on skin and hair.

It appears as a thick, transparent, odorless liquid. It is obtained from vegetable oils, such as palm oil, soybean oil or coconut oil. It has a tremendous ability to attract moisture from the skin and air, thoroughly moisturizing and facilitating the absorption of products in which it is contained.

Glycerin is an excellent substance for nourishing hair, especially dry, brittle or curly hair, restoring elasticity and softness.
Vegetable glycerin is also useful for the skin of the face and body, given its sebum-regulating abilities.


Vegetable Glycerin promotes the untangling of hair even in the most difficult cases, as it allows hair to remain hydrated for a long time thanks to the characteristics of its molecule, which has as many as three groups of humectants.

In skincare formulas it helps to make the epidermis soft and velvety.


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