Lavender essential oil

Scientific name: Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Nutritional, stimulating.

Tales from nature

The common name "lavender" with which we usually call this plant derives from the Latin "wash" (laundry, lavender, laundry = "which must be washed"), as it was widely used in antiquity to cleanse the body.

It was used as an ingredient in the preparation of talismans and lucky charm, in magical and esoteric rituals, both as a perfume for water and environments, as at the time of the Romans, especially in thermal waters and in the preparation of infusions for the beauty of hair and skin.

Lavender flowers have the particularity that continue to perfume even once dried, for this reason they are often used to perfume linen. Today lavender is widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, herbal medicine and phytotherapy. A precious essential oil is extracted from it.


Lavender essential oil has multiple anti -inflammatory, analgesic -evening properties. In the cosmetic field it is used in products for skin and hair care, to soothe skin and scalp in case of irritation, thanks to its soothing and calming power.

Lavender is also an excellent natural antifarphor and also performs a regulatory sebum action.

Principi attivi

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