Lemongrass essential oil

Scientific name: Cymbopogon Citratus Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Astringent, purifying and toning.

Tales from nature

Lemongrass is a tropical grass similar to palmarosa and lemongrass. It comes from tropical Asia and is part of the Graminaceae family (Poaceae). It was used in ancient times in the countries of origin to contrast fever and infectious diseases and for its typical aroma and its influences on the mind.

In fact, the Indians called this plant "fever grass", widely used in infusion for fevers and during large epidemics, burning the plant and spreading its aroma in the air.

The essential oil extracted from the dried leaves of this plant are attributed anti -inflammatory, antibacterial and anti -media properties. On oily and impure skin it has an astringent and purifying effect.


It has astringent properties and contributes to counteracting sebum production on fat and impure skin. Tonifies and cleans the skin in depth. In formulas of hair treatments, he fights the fall in purifying the scalp.

Principi attivi

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