Palmarosa essential oil

Scientific name: Cymbopogon Martinii Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Healing and normalizing.

Tales from nature

Palmarosa has been known since ancient times, with the best known name of "Indian geranium": already at the time it made long journeys, since from the port of Bombay it was sent as a cosmetic and therapeutic plant to Constantinople and then in Bulgaria, where it was used for Adulterare the pink oil.

Also in our day it is used in perfumery, often instead of the most expensive pink essence, but also to isolate geranium. Palmarosa essential oil is obtained from it for its anti -inflammatory and effective properties against wrinkles, stress and nervousness. It is also known for its toned, healing and soothing virtues.


Palmarosa essential oil is the most similar to the epidermis. It also has bactericidal properties, healing, disinfectants, moisturizers, regenerating, sebums regulatory and antiseptic, so it is often used in the case of acne, dermatitis, skin infections, scars, plagues and wrinkles.

Strongly purifying, regenerating for the irritated, astringent skin, it is very effective in the formulas of the treatments for skin and hair irritated by dandruff or small abrasions.

Principi attivi

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