Mirto essential oil

Scientific name: Myrtus Communis Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Soothing, antiseptic and anti -inflammatory.


Tales from nature

Mirto is an evergreen aromatic plant belonging to the Myrtaceae botanical family and the Myrtus genre, widely used as considered a medicinal grass with multiple benefits.

In Roman mythology, myrtle was linked to the goddess Venus, the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. During the Middle Ages the myrtle was used as a phytotherapy ingredient: the distilled water of myrtle flowers was called "water of the angels".

From the berries you derive the mirtto liqueur (typical Sardinian), from the leaves and flowers instead effective extracts for skin care are obtained. Mirto essential oil is obtained by distilling the peaks of the plant in steam current.

This plant has balsamic, anti -inflammatory, astringent and slightly antiseptic properties.


Mirto's essential oil, in synergy with other essential oils, becomes a powerful natural remedy against acne, skin irritations, dry skin, skin with dandruff or particularly oily, thanks to its anti -inflammatory and antiseptic action.

It sooths the skin and skin, disinfects and helps to mitigate even the most serious episodes of dandruff.

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