Piper mint essential oil

Scientific name: Mentha Piperita Oil
Classification: Essential oil

Dermopurifying, purifying of the scalp.

Tales from nature

Mint is a perennial herbaceous plant originally from Europe and cultivation is widespread all over the world. It is strongly aromatic and refreshing. From it the mint essential oil is extracted which, thanks to the chin, stimulates cold sensations. It also has antispasmodic, tonic, digestive, anti -stress and antibacterial properties. Already mentioned in the Bible, mint is a well -known plant in many cultures of antiquity.

In the Renaissance this grass was considered a real source of natural remedies for body and mind: corroborating, energizing, digestive. In Christian culture, mint is linked to the feast of San Giovanni Battista. Its highly aromatic essential oils are used in numerous cosmetic and phytotherapy formulas.


It has a dermopurifying effect, specific for oily hair. The roots refresh, purifying them from excess sebum. It also generates relief to the scalp irritated by itching, dandruff, dryness, stimulates hair growth and prevents the occasional temporary fall.

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