Scientific name: Squalene
Classification: Active principle

Moisturizing, soothing and emollient.



Tales from nature

Squalano is an organic cosmetic ingredient widely widespread in nature, with marked emollient properties. Present in the Shark liver, in the plant world it is found in olive oil, in that of peanuts, in rice bran, in the amaranth seeds and in the grain germ.

In the human body, it is one of the most important components of the sebum, manifesting itself as an oily substance that maintains the most external layer of the skin and skin, slowing down the evaporation of water. The sebum protects the skin from aggressive external factors, such as detergents, chemical treatments, microorganisms, sunlight.


Squalano contributes to the maintenance of the hydro-lipid film that covers the epidermis, exercising a moisturizing and protective action of the skin towards external aggressive agents.

The introduction of Squalano in the cosmetic sphere is rather recent and is linked to its further beneficial properties, such as soothing and emollient, antioxidants, being able to counteract the action of free radicals and UV, anti-aging rays. For this reason it is used in numerous products and treatments, such as hand creams, face, body, solar products, after -school and protections.

Principi attivi

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