Borneolo essential oil

Scientific name: 

Funghicida, antiseptic and astringent.


Tales from nature

Thyme Borneolo is a small shrub of the Lamiacee family that grows in Morocco on dry and rocky soils. The essential oil of Thyme Borneolo which is extracted from the plant has marked antibacterial and toned properties throughout the body. It also regulates the reactions of the immune system, protecting the body from different diseases, both in summer and in winter.

It is a very powerful oil, wide spectrum, funghicida, bactericidal, immunostimulating, antiseptic and astringent anti -infectious. It is widely used in cosmetics for its effectiveness in the treatment of oily skin and against acne. The intense perfume makes it ideal in the formulas of certain cosmetics, with the aim of giving them a good fragrance.


In cosmetics, Borneolo's essential oil is used both for its purifying, bactericidal and funghicidal effect, in products for the cleansing of hands and body, and for its intense perfume, for an antibacterial result with perfumed notes.

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