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ACTIVE: the normalizing treatment against dandruff, irritation and itching

#05As we have observed so far, the stress can be the cause of multiple hair problems. If we then also add the normal loss of the skin's moisture level and possible external aggression (e.g., the use of aggressive and unsuitable shampoos), the occurrence of dandruff e desquamations.
These phenomena, in addition to being unsightly, make our scalp particularly sensitive and prone to theattack by bacteria which, if under normal conditions can ensure us a "peaceful coexistence", in this situation can become aggressive and thus create irritation e itching. Is this scenario familiar to you? Read on to find out how to solve the problem!


ACTIVE is the line of products Antidandruff dedicated to sensitive and irritated or itchy skin. Thanks to its special formula, it acts against scalp irritation to resolve episodes of itching, excessive flaking and reddened patches.
Based on. purest essential oilsand specific active substances from the threefold and powerful action Antidandruff, Soothing and protective of the scalp, the ACTIVE line regulates the skin's bacterial flora and makes the skin healthier, free from flaking and perfectly clean.

L'salicylic acid, extracted from willow, has a strong action exfoliating and has a peeling action, removing dead cells and facilitating theelimination of dandruff. L'thyme essential oil is a strong natural antiseptic and helps to regulate the bacterial flora of the skin, while thejojoba vegetable oil maintains ahigh hydration of the skin.

 The tea tree oil, that is, the essential oil extracted from the Melaleuca plant, is a real natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic: being non-irritating, tea tree oil is recommended for local use on particularly delicate areas. L'azulene essential oil, finally, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. soothes redness and reduces itching.

The result: with ACTIVE treatment you restore the physiological balance of the scalp, for a incredible cleansing sensation free of dandruff, itching and redness! 

Ask for advice to your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to assist and guide you in choosing the right treatment for you.

Dead Sea whole salts shampoo

Essential Oils of Thyme

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Salicylic acid

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