Mtj make up: when the makeup makes you beautiful and it does you well too

"Now more than ever, beauty is your duty"He wrote the British edition of the Vogue magazine in 1941.
In fact, however frivolous it may seem, In times of crisis, the role of the beauty industry has always been considered essential by governments, who have the merit of having understood the psychological and social consequences even just a simple lipstick.

The case of the United Kingdom during the years of the Second World War is emblematic: despite the production of cosmetics had been interrupted to give space to more urgent productions, in fact, Exception was made for the lipstick as a tool capable of Lift the moral of the population. For the first time, makeup for women was considered as important as the tobacco for men: "Winston Churchill understood that wearing red lipsticks made strong, safe and attractive women feel important sensations in times of crisis".

It is no coincidence that the term was coined "lipstick"With reference to the phenomenon for which the cosmetic industry increases its sales in times of crisis: in these circumstances, in fact, consumers tend to give priority to the most accessible" luxuries "rather than other more risky large investments such as houses or vehicles.

How to make up in this period?

Surely the desire to abandon suits and clothes from home to relive the pleasure of making us beautiful will be strong before going out!
However, theobligation to wear the mask, a habit that could accompany us for much more time. So: How to not give up the makeup?

The lips will certainly be more penalized, which will be hidden by the mask. Let's not forget but that lipstick is a pleasure to wear at any time, even when we are at home or to illuminate ourselves with a single touch before a work video call!
Our advice is therefore not to give up, to choose a nice color bright for a dose of daily grit, or to opt for one Neutral but moisturizing versionto take care of our lips.

The great protagonists will therefore become the eyes, only visual communication point for the face as the only part not covered by the mask. It will therefore be important to focus a lot on a make -up capable of enhance and intensify the gaze to make it more communicative and magnetic.
We start redesigning the eyebrows and then continuing to make up the eye in order to enhance its colors and depth!

Finally, dedicated to the face, correcting any imperfections such as dark circles or spots Through the use of foundation, correctors, powder, blush and/or lands. Do not forget to highlight the strengths with theinevitable illuminating face!

Ask for advice to your lounge area  of trust, who will be able to assist you and guide you in choosing the right make -up for you.

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